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Our business contract dispute attorneys are specialized in all aspects of contract law, including reviewing contracts, analyzing potential contract liability, and litigating all types of breach of contract disputes. Call 719-300-1300 or contact us online by submitting the short form.

At True Counsel Law, we handle breach of contract litigation on behalf of businesses and individuals. When businesses in a breach of contract case disagree, it is usually over one of the following:

    • Whether a contract was formed;
    • whether the contract is appropriately definite to be enforceable;
    • whether one or both parties was mistaken about the terms of the contract;
    • whether one or both of the parties has fully performed;
    • whether the consideration was adequate;
    • whether the contract is voidable because its terms are illegal or oppressive;
    • and whether the contract was induced by fraud.

Breach of contract claims typically are based on one party’s violation of a clause of the written contract, which thereby causes the other party to suffer damages. Breach of contract claims can also occur when the parties entered into an oral contract, often referred to as implied contracts. In other situations, the law assumes a contract exists based on a legal duty or relationship of the parties. This is called a quasi-contract. Moreover, some contract types must be in writing to be enforceable. 

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Why a Contract Dispute Lawyer is Critical

A business contract has major legal implications for all those involved. Contracts put obligations on the parties to the agreement. In an ideal situation, all those involved get something positive out of the contract, but that requires all parties to do as they are required to for the benefits to come to fruition.

In reality, businesses and people do not always act as they should in accordance with the terms of the contract. When this happens, it gives the offended party the option to bring a contract dispute lawsuit, also referred to as a breach of contract lawsuit.  If you or your business is being sued for a breach of contract, or you’re considering suing the party for a breach of contract, it is critical that you hire a Colorado breach of contract attorney.