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Colorado Business Litigation Attorneys

We are business litigation specialists. Few lawyers, even most business attorneys, do not take business litigation cases because of the time, complexity, and risk. We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions to complex legal issues required to achieve our client’s business and personal goals. We work in partnership with our clients to know what their end goals are before making recommendations.

Business litigation is a core aspect our practice. Most of our business litigation cases fall into the following categories:

    • Breach of Contract
    • Executive Contract Litigation
    • Fraud & Misrepresentation
    • Partnership Disputes
    • Non-Competes and Non-Solicitation Agreements
    • Technology Litigation
    • Trade Secrets
    • Commercial Lease Disputes
    • Colorado Real Estate Litigation

We Listen First

Before we develop a plan of action, we first have to know where you want to end up. We take time to understand you, your business, and what you want to achieve. This takes honesty and transparency from both sides. Once we outline the goals, we develop our strategy and begin to execute.

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Breach of Contract Attorneys

Contracts are a normal part of operating a business. From purchasing office supplies, entering into a sales contract, or agreeing to an asset purchase, contracts dictate how the parties are to perform and the obligations they are agreeing to in the future.

Since contracts are so common, and since most contract lawyers are not good at drafting them, business disputes from breaches of contract are very common. In fact, some studies have shown as many as 50% of lawsuits filed every year are business contract disputes.

There is not much that will frustrate a business owner more than a breach of contract dispute. Parties must adhere to contracts for a business to be profitable. A single broken contract risks putting a company in the red for the year. If this has happened to you, the Colorado breach of contract attorneys at True Counsel Law are here to make things right.

Business Fraud & Misrepresentation Lawyers

When is comes to business fraud or misrepresentation, we are referring to intentional acts by another party that induce the other to take certain actions. All of us who own businesses are at risk for entering into a contract, agreement, or business relationship based on the misrepresentation of another person or company.

Since fraud and misrepresentation can have drastic impacts to the financial health and solvency of a business, the damages are often much larger. This makes them more feasible from a legal standpoint because the time and cost involved in pursuing a lawsuit against the offending party is easily justified.

Because fraud creates significant threats to a business and its financial solvency, taking appropriate steps to pursue legal remedies and compensation for any losses is critical to success. Additionally, for those who stand accused of corporate or business fraud, threats to one’s personal reputation and future make legal counsel a top priority.

At True Counsel Law, our Colorado based practice focuses on protecting businesses against fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation, and losses through counseling and the development of clear and enforceable contracts. We protect the interests of businesses across Colorado when litigating to solve the situation or defend against accusations.

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Partnership Disputes

Ending a business relationship is hard to do. It has a lot of the elements of personal relationships. They can be very difficult and complicated. Since they are often emotional as well, this is why it is critical to have a business litigation attorney to be aware of the emotions, but also view things objectively and clearly. The advice from a competent business litigation lawyer is invaluable to help you achieve the results you want.

Business lawsuits can be costly and time consuming. While it may be worth pursuing based on the potential damages being sought, you can’t know this with sitting down and receiving an honest review of your legal issues.

Disputes between business owners are common, whether it is a limited partnership, limited liability company, or when the parties never formally incorporated their business. Anything from operating responsibilities, division of assets upon the exit of one party, non-competes, and future management and ownership of the business are all points of contention when business owners are differing opinions on the direction of the business. Our Colorado based business litigation lawyers can protect your pursuits, help you navigate existing contracts, commitments, and liabilities, and safeguard your compliance with legal requirements.

While it is usually best to avoid expensive litigation, sometimes it is the only option to achieve your goals. True Counsel’s Colorado commercial litigation lawyers are experienced trial and litigation attorneys. We are always improving our craft and educating you along the way so that we can resolve disputes before they ever reach the courtroom when feasible. If negotiations hit a standoff, or for any other reason that business escalates to the point of litigation, we will fight on your behalf in the courtroom.

Non-Competes & Non- Solicitation Contracts

It is common to include clauses in employment and business purchase contracts that place restrictions on persons after they leave a company or sell a business. Non-competition clauses are disfavored among the Courts, so they must be drafted precisely to comply with the law and be upheld if challenged.

What is a Non-Compete Clause?

A non-compete refers to limitations that are put in place after a certain event, most often in the form of not working for a competing business or starting a similar business. They must be limited in time and geography to be valid in Colorado. As a general rule, they should be limited to five years and a range of no more than 100 miles.

What is a Non-Solicitation Clause?

With non-solicitation clauses, they limit a person’s interactions with others. As an example, they may limit your ability to contact clients of the employer or entice employees to join you at a new business venture.

Are non-competes and non-solicitations enforceable?

We see all forms of clauses come across our desks. Colorado is very strict and limits when these types of clauses can be used and applied. We are experts when it comes to balancing your goals with what the law will allow.