Colorado Business Contract Law Firm

Colorado Business Contract Law Firm

Contract Drafting

The input and advice of a Colorado business contract review lawyer is worth more than its weight in gold. The law applies unique and sometimes opposing definitions to wording in contracts that can be missed by those who are not contract law specialists.

Only after reading countless court opinions, a stack of contract drafting books, and real world experience is a business lawyer ready to begin reviewing contracts.

We are meticulous in analyzing and drafting contracts to see that your goals are realized while also staying protected through proper risk shifting. Whether you need a client contract reviewed, a partnership agreement drafted, or several contracts put together for a business purchase, we have the passion and skill to deliver you results.

Business contract disputes are never planned but are a common reality with business owners. More often than not, contract disputes are the result of poorly drafted contracts.

When contract disputes arise in your business, it is critical to reach out to us to know what your rights are and how to mitigate the fallout in the meantime. Business owners typically are not allowed to represent themselves in a lawsuit.


Contract Disputes

Commercial Leases

Here at True Counsel, we have a special interest (i.e. one of our passions) in commercial leases drafting and disputes. A number of issues arise when business owners do not have an experience commercial real estate lawyer review their lease.

You may think that a quick reading through the contract is sufficient to understand it and protect yourself. When it comes to contracts, wording does not always have the same meaning as we use in everyday language. When this occurs, you will think a provision means one thing when it actually means something completely different.

We use A.I. software to help us in analyzing commercial leases. We go through every single sentence, word by word, to see that you are protected and receive the benefits you are being promised by the otherside.