Hourly Fee | $350

True Counsel’s hourly rate is $350. We bill in six minute increments so that you are only charged when meaningful work is performed on your case. A retainer is required upfront based on the expected number of hours we will work on your behalf to achieve your goals. Payment can easily be made online via creditor debit card, as well as e-check.

Reduced Hourly Fee for New Businesses: To help new businesses get off on the right foundation, we charge a reduced hourly fee of $300. This applies to start-up advising, entity formation, and tenant commercial lease reviews. 

Commitment to Transparency

You deserve peace of mind that your legal issues will be resolved timely and effectively, as well as what it will cost from the start. That’s why predictable and transparent pricing is at the core of True Counsel’s values. True Counsel offers limited flat-fee options. We believe hourly billing is a better option for clients because you only get charged when we work on your case, not a penny more.