We deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to achieve your goals.


We deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to achieve your goals.



Photo of Founder Jeremy Earle

Prior to forming True Counsel in 2017, Jeremy D. Earle, JD, was fed up with not having the freedom to represent clients effectively and ethically. Having worked at one of Colorado’s largest law firms, as well as for medium and small law firms, Jeremy believes clients deserve better than what they are receiving at other law firms.

We listen first. Every person seeking a business law lawyer is unique, with unique interests and circumstances. Without understanding people on a personal level, we cannot serve them in the most effective way. This is why we prefer in-person meetings to get to know and so that you get to know us. This gives us time to fully understand you and your motivations for looking for a business law attorney.

From our unique experience and tremendous skill set, we then formulate a plan tailored to your case and your needs. We fight fiercely your behalf. We never compromise. We stay in constant contact with you every step of the way. We deliver you a result that is fair and deserving. We believe that no case is too small or too large to take on. Nor do we shy away from highly technical and difficult cases.


Awards and Acknowledgements

We don’t post awards or acknowledgements. Why? 99% of the “awards” you see posted on law firm websites are paid for…not earned. We don’t believe in lying, deceiving, or hoodwinking our clients. We deliver results. It is the only thing that matters.



Hourly Fee w/Retainer | $300

True Counsel’s standard hourly rate is $300. We give a discount for clients willing to pay a retainer upfront. The amount of the retainer is based on the expected number of hours we will work on your behalf over the course of the next month.

Hourly Rate No Retainer | $325

Don’t want to pay a retainer? That is fine with us! We offer the option to bill you at the end of the month for the time we have worked for you. Since sending and tracking invoices takes time, the hourly rate is slightly higher to reflect this. 

Commitment to Transparency

You deserve peace of mind that your legal issues will be resolved timely and effectively, as well as what it will cost from the start. That’s why predictable and transparent pricing is at the core of True Counsel’s values. True Counsel offers limited flat-fee options. We believe hourly billing is a better option for clients because you only get charged when we work on your case, not a penny more.




Trust is traditionally not a word people use to describe the legal profession. We are on a mission to change that by being 100% transparent about what we are doing for our clients, why we are doing it, and the cost involved in achieving their goals.


We want to create something worth creating and that will endure the test of time. We do this by relentlessly focusing on our clients’ success, building high quality systems, and planning for long-term scale. We’re grounded by humility and driven by ambition.


We are creating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve and innovate. We learn from others and from our challenges & successes.



So thankful to have ran across this business law firm…Jeremy was amazing. He got the work done quickly and was very attentive towards my needs. Anytime I had a legal question he was quick to respond. If you are looking for a business attorney, I would definitely recommend Jeremy at True Counsel.

Jeffrey in Denver, CO

If you need a business law attorney look no further. Jeremy is very professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about your business. He helped us with our mechanic’s lien, and a contract review. Being a small business owner, it is scary to think that you may not have all your ducks in a row. Trust me, Jeremy can help you sleep at night!

Gina in Colorado Springs, CO

If you are looking for a business attorney see Jeremy Earle at True Counsel Law. If you need a mechanics lien, a contract reviewed, or a contract drafted contact Jeremy. Business law is his specialty.

Aaron in Colorado Springs, CO

I don’t post reviews but felt it important since I looked to reviews when I was attorney-shopping. I was in a rut and referred to Mr. Earle last-second after my previous attorney dropped me because my case wasn’t “big enough.” Likely a story others can relate to. After my first call with Mr. Earle, I was instantly put at ease. He genuinely seemed like a standup guy. After hearing my story, he told me about himself and how he works. I got the sense that he wanted to restore my (and everyone’s, I’m sure) faith in attorneys.

Trevor in Kansas City, KS

I just love how responsive Jeremy was. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing this type of lawyer.

Karen in Colorado Springs, CO

TrueCounsel has offered me the most smooth, tactful and honest support. I fired my previous attorney for dishonesty and for not getting the job done. If you want a communicative attorney who will fight for your case, exemplify compassion and honesty without delay on all sides, Jeremy is the attorney for you. TrueCounsel does not miss a beat.

Zoe in Denver, CO

For any contractor that is looking for professional and responsive representation for a mechanics’ lien, True Counsel is the law firm you can trust. Jeremy Earle handled my case with thoroughness and ensured that I was aware of everything that was going on as soon as new information became available. He is knowledgeable of the laws and doesn’t waste time. Highly recommended!

Lind in Colorado Springs, CO

A very nice lawyer who is willing to help you out. There are many attorneys out there who are sketchy and not very trustworthy. He listened to me patiently and gave good suggestions regarding a commercial lease. This was my first time signing a lease and I was very nervous about the commitment. He did a great job helping me understand the legal language. I will recommend him to everyone I know and definitely will choose him for his expertise!

Kelly in Las Vegas, NV

We we’re blessed to meet Mr. Earle years ago when we first became business owners. He has represented us in multiple situations, and all have gone in our favor thanks to their incredible knowledge of the law and their perseverance in making sure our cases we’re handled with upmost integrity. True Counsel represents clients honestly and ethically.

Dong in Denver, CO