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Difficult legal issues in your business require strategic and creative solutions. If it were easy, you wouldn’t need a business law attorney. We love solving problems!

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You deserve business lawyers who you can trust. We focus on being transparent in our fees and the work we perform on behalf of our clients. You’ll never be in the dark.

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What good is a business law firm you can’t afford? We agree! We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you. We charge $300 an hour with no surprises.

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Success Rate

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A law firm you can trust.

The first thing you will notice about our business law firm is that we did not name the firm after ourselves. We are not that arrogant, but most importantly it signifies our focus is on our clients. We believe clients deserve better representation than what they receive at other law firms. Focusing on trust, integrity, and premiere service are core components of what makes us True Counsel.


We specialize in

business law and contracts.


When searching for business law attorneys, you will find several “general practice” law firms that are generalists and not specialists. Only trust those who are specialists in their field. General practice law firms know a little about a lot, but not a much about anything specific. We believe in focusing on a few key areas so we know exactly how to handle the various legal situations our clients find themselves in. 

Our Hourly Rate

Our hourly rate is $300 if you enroll in an evergreen retainer. If you opt for us to bill you at the end of the month, the hourly is $325. 

Evergreen Retainers

An evergreen retainer is a great option to always have the best attorneys ready and capable to solve issues. An evergreen retainer works like a deposit. You pay upfront for legal services while also getting a discount on our hourly rate. Whenever the retainer amount drops below 80%, you’ll receive an invoice to replenish it. 


We offer free 30 minute consultations via Zoom. We cannot and will not give out free advice during a consultation. If you want our expert opinions, you will have to pay for it.


Areas of Expertise

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Business Law

Our focus is narrow. That is why we only take business law cases. Whatever issue comes up in your business, we can solve it quickly, effectively, and affordably.

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Contract Drafting

We love drafting contracts. Yes, that is a little weird to enjoy reading the fine print, but someone has to do it. We know how to protect your interests in contracts while not ruining the deal.

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Mechanics' Liens

When you don’t get paid on a construction job, we are there to enforce your rights to a mechanics’ lien. Liens have strict requirements and we know the ins and outs.

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Business Disputes

When disputes arise between business owners or with other businesses, it is important to prevent them from escalating and solve the issue once and for all.

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Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are a special interest for our firm. Major issues can arise when you enter into a lease if you don’t have attorneys in your corner to protect your interests.

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Business Formation

It is critical to start your business off on the right foundation. We take the time to understand your needs and goals and develop a custom plan to build the proper foundation.


The Focus is on You and Your Business

Here at True Counsel, we strive to be the front runners in the business law profession. We do this by building trusting relationships with our clients, endless devotion to improving ourselves, and building a team who believe in serving local businesses.

A business law firm must be savvy in both the law and how businesses operate. It is not enough to only know the intricacies of contract law, but also the practical implications and how the wording will play out in the real world.

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Success Rate

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Dedication to our Clients


Clients Served

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We are entrepreneurs

We understand the needs of business owners because we own businesses ourselves in addition to this law firm. This understanding better allows us to anticipate and solve issues before they arrive. 

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Successful Cases

We are dedicated to enforcing the rights of our clients, that is why we do not hesitate to go into litigation if it’s in the best interest of our clients. Most firms are unwilling and incapable of litigation.


Successful Cases

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Proven Track Record

Past clients believe in us and our five-star Google rating is the proof in the pudding as they say. We strive to provide a phenomenal experience and we love what we do. Satisficed clients provide great joy than the fees.

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Protection Starts Here

Since we know the ins and outs of business law and what it takes to run a successful business, we know how to be proactive in protecting your business. Whether it is a contract or major business dispute, we are here.

What People Say About Our Firm

If you need a business law attorney look no further. Jeremy is very professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about your business. He helped us with our mechanic’s lien, and a contract review. Being a small business owner, it is scary to think that you may not have all your ducks in a row. Trust me, Jeremy can help you sleep at night!


Colorado Springs, Colorado

So thankful to have ran across this business law firm…Jeremy was amazing. He got the work done quickly and was very attentive towards my needs. Anytime I had a legal question he was quick to respond. If you are looking for a business attorney, I would definitely recommend Jeremy at True Counsel.


Denver, Colorado